WTF?!!!!Someone call the fashion police!


In my first blog – so you’re in your 40s what’s the big deal?

I bigged up J-Lo as being one of those fabulous women in her 40s who set a good example of looking great at this amazing time of our lives.  So you can imagine my horror, when I came across this:

Why????????????? I can only assume that poor J-Lo is unwell – her mind has become infected by something, because if she is sane,  she cannot honestly believe that this is a good look.  This, people, is not a good look for anyone staring 50 in the eye, it’s not a good look for ANYONE.

In my earlier blog, I made the point that society and the media, hadn’t caught of with the new breed of women in their 40s, that  we do not identify with Laura Ashely flowy dresses, or M&S ill fitting jeans, but purleeeeezzzzzzz- this is a step too far.  If the attempt was to show off that amazingly buff body of hers, there are other more classy ways to do this.  This right here is cheap, tacky and ridiculous, even more so because she is almost 50 years of age.  The fact that she has colour matched her pants and her panties, makes not the slightest difference, it makes it worse in fact, because it shows that she thought about it, yet decided to go ahead.

Musically (I need a gif right now or an emoji because i’m sniggering at the notion that she has any musical talent) i’m not a big fan so I don’t know her background, but I believe she has children, possibly even teenage ones.  Surely they must be embarrassed.  Does she not have folk around her who can say, ” hey Jen, that’s not working”?

My sincere hope is that Jen is ok, and that the loss of her damn mind is temporary.

This blog recognises that at our fab age it’s ok to fumble, but this is a fumble too far.

Have a great day, and be fabulous xxxxx

Author: minitrix

When i was in my 20s and 30s, I thought that being forty would be the beginning of maturity and boredom (I never bought into the whole "life begins at 40" spiel), but i thought it would be a time when i would have my shit together - not wasting money, saving for a rainy day, owning my own property (or two) and certainly no more fucked up relationships. Alas no! Now i'm here (in my 40s that is) some may say that i am still wasting money (i disagree- i just enjoy spending it and living for the moment), i don't have money for a rainy day, perhaps just enough if it drizzles, and as for fucked up relationships, my judgement regarding men is still flawed i'm afraid. However being in my 40s is fabulous even though I'm still fumbling through life, but that's ok. In my blog i will share my experiences (good and bad) and hope you will too. This is not just for women in their 40s - if you are in your 30s, you will see what you have to look forward to (trust me its not just about tena pants) and if you are older, you can let me know what i have in store.

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