For God sake please be private in public!!



I read with incredulity this week, the story of a woman who had been prosecuted for losing her rag when a passenger decided to eat her breakfast, a smelly boiled egg, on a train, in the early hours of the morning

Very little shocks me these days, as I thought I had seen and heard it all.   One afternoon, the passenger opposite me, a young man in his 20s, pulled out his roll on deodorant, lifted his top and proceeded to apply it to his pits. I looked at him in shock, and he looked back at me as though I was the crazy one for not performing hygiene rituals in public.

The great Presenter Eddie Nestor, told a story on his radio programme about a woman who wiped her armpits with a wet wipe on the tube and simply left the used wipe on the seat next to her for the pleasure of the next passenger.

Times are changing fast – what once society viewed as being private, is now very much public; we have all heard folk sharing the most intimate details of their lives as they talk with friends/partners on mobile phones, oblivious to the passengers around them.

Women applying full make up on the train is common place and I have to say, I don’t like it.  I ask myself, what else did you not have time to do this morning if you couldn’t spare the time to do your make up at home – did you even shower? I don’t think it’s an age thing as many of whom I speak are mature women.  For me, applying make-up is a personal affair,  contorting one’s face should be done in private.  I have yet to see a man shave, but watch this space I guess.

There’s no doubt that times are changing; social media has seen to it that every aspect of life is to be shared, from what you eat, to what you read, your political views, boring pictures of your pets,  and even more boring pictures of your kids – the whole lot.

Much of  this is an age thing as I guess those in their 20s/30s have a different take on privacy. I come from a era when my parents wouldn’t even allow me to eat a packet of crisps in public.  As an adult I’m much more relaxed about it (well, not that relaxed!) but what I find worrying, is the lack of regard for others; surely any reasonable human being would recognise that eating a stinking egg on the tube (she admitted that it smelt) is unpleasant and I sympathise with the rage felt by the commuter who was ultimately prosecuted.

Is it now really the case that anything goes? When a friend of mine told me that she saw a passenger flossing his teeth on the bus and that he took mouth wash out of his bag along and a receptacle to spit into, I thought she was joking…..sadly not. Should we be horrified at his lack of decorum or should we high five his great dental hygiene?

I’m frightened that in my lifetime, we will get to the stage when we will not blink an eye at someone crouching down to take a shit at the kerb side – you know, like dogs do.  Just as long as they find somewhere to wash their hands I guess!

Have a great day fabulous you xxxx


Author: minitrix

When i was in my 20s and 30s, I thought that being forty would be the beginning of maturity and boredom (I never bought into the whole "life begins at 40" spiel), but i thought it would be a time when i would have my shit together - not wasting money, saving for a rainy day, owning my own property (or two) and certainly no more fucked up relationships. Alas no! Now i'm here (in my 40s that is) some may say that i am still wasting money (i disagree- i just enjoy spending it and living for the moment), i don't have money for a rainy day, perhaps just enough if it drizzles, and as for fucked up relationships, my judgement regarding men is still flawed i'm afraid. However being in my 40s is fabulous even though I'm still fumbling through life, but that's ok. In my blog i will share my experiences (good and bad) and hope you will too. This is not just for women in their 40s - if you are in your 30s, you will see what you have to look forward to (trust me its not just about tena pants) and if you are older, you can let me know what i have in store.

2 thoughts on “For God sake please be private in public!!”

  1. Somebody I spoke to last week said the same thing. If somebody on public transport sitting next to me decides to eat an egg or sushi or something else smelly and pungent, if I feel like puking – I ain’t gonna hold it back. If you can stink then I am free to puke if my stomach dictates that for me….


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